A Point of No Return

=== Lyrics ===
I know of a man who claims he is no longer fed to the wolves of jealousy,
that he is finally free and complete,
like a willow tree that shades its own trunk, and all that seek refuge under it.

I know of a woman, who is a peace activist.
But jealousy eats at the fibers of her being, shredding her soul into pieces.
My ears grow deaf at her words, words like ‘he is mine’ and ‘he belongs to me’.

It is true that some of us need to fall off our high horses
to understand what it means to be standing
That we need to close our eyes and jump,
even if we weren’t sure where we would be landing.
That we need to reach the point of near drowning
to understand that every breath we take counts,
every smile,
every teardrop,
every touch,
every word said and unsaid,
…every moment of silence.

Perhaps, I’ve always been too dreamy,
to the point of being called trippy,
and that the lights blinding my eyes are just the headlights of passerby cars on a rainy day.
And maybe, if we had listened to the words of our elders, and followed all those books,
none of this would have happened.
Or maybe, all this was meant to happen,
that it was meant to be this way, that we were meant to pave our own way,
to experiment with our own chemicals,
to break a heart or two, shed a tear or two, fall into a hole or two,
just to learn a thing or two, and start over again;
and maybe in the process we would find our way back to ourselves
and become who we are meant to be.

Some of us find love through pictures on Instagram
Others find it in riding dirt bikes between sand dunes and sea waters under a salmon-colored sky
I? I find it in the untold stories of the people around me,
Stories that slip out while our hands make love to clay,
while our legs bike along the seaside,
interrupted every time you fall over, and over again.
I know I’ve made many a mistake before that cannot be erased because they’ve been written in pen
But let me start over, and over again
Until I get it right.
I know, one day, I’ll get it right.
And on that day, you can then, carve my life in stone…

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