Flying Kites @ TEDActive 2013

=== Lyrics ===
I don’t know how to fly kites,
but you said I should try,
lifted it to the skies and shouted, ‘I’m letting go.’
I wasn’t ready, but you did it anyway,
and it was like I was watching my soul sour into space
searching for possibilities of who I could become,
the strings keeping it grounded
so it could trace its way back to this waiting body;

this body that would run across the green fields of the Griffin Estate
past horses and plastic ducks,
and with all the depth we could muster,
we dived in and out of the fabrics of ideas
woven delicately around two straight lines
that dance around each other in perfect unison;
yet no matter how different the tune or Bollywood step,
they will forever intersect at the center, because that’s where it all begins,
you are where it all begins,
and this is where the world pauses for a moment,
like a Cuban drum skipping a beat,
as we sit in circle clouds and under palettes soaked in pink light.

And who could tell what would happen in the space between the two,
where you connect me to you and I connect you to him
and we disrupt arid lands, fill the streets of LA with gardens,
lit up with Parakeets brought back from extinction.

I’ve met paper engineers and imagineers.
hackers and teachers, students and lifelong learners.
I’ve met you.
You looked into my soul, said I was alright;
Told me about your life, and I smiled at the man and boy that you were,
the father and husband, so naked and true.
I met you too.
You told me about love and companionship
on your way to the aisle,
and I cried,
because I’m twenty-something and I’ve got to get going
not in search of him, but in search of me
and I found her right here @ TEDActive,
where I get to be all that I am, because you are all that you are.

4 Responses to “Flying Kites @ TEDActive 2013”
  1. Andrew Peek says:

    Dear Sarah,

    You are amazing.

    Thank you. 🙂


  2. Tamima says:

    i love it sara
    and through it, i love you

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