I Don’t Know You

=== Lyrics ===
I don’t know you,
I’ve constructed you in my mind a hundred times
using words you’ve said in private and words you’ve said on stage
the rest I engineered from the all the words you forgot to say.

I don’t know if you still play the harmonica,
but it would sure be nice if you did;
the way you play with paper like it were wind.

I don’t know if you still make kites from words
stringed together in poetry,
and I don’t know when the last time was that you called up your sister
just to make her laugh
or treated your niece like a little girl,
even though she’s off to college now.
But your love for them makes me want to find home

But I do know that you’re not afraid to age,
that you like to take your time,
that your eyes glitter like giggling stars
every time you look at me and call me dreamy.

And even though you’re the bumble bee of every crowd,
you grow incredibly silent around me,
which makes me feel awkward, by the way,
fumbling through topics, thinking of what to say,
but you, you seemed comfortable
with just you, me and silence as our third party,
that comfort that only comes with years and experience,
stretched along your forehead like the lines of a map
navigating your inner world.
Yes, I lied, you don’t look young, except on stage.
In person, you’re an old sage, but your perfect that way.

I know that you used to shoplift just for the hell of it
And maybe you’re just an (American) hobo from a comic strip,
but it’s been real nice knowing you.

2 Responses to “I Don’t Know You”
  1. Fadwa Ali Ahmad says:

    Wow that is amazing. ☺️☺️☺️ maybe you can teach me some time😁

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