To the Untouched Heart

=== Lyrics ===
Dear warrior, untouched lover,

You left too early my friend,
but perhaps it was late enough
because your mind was an ongoing horror movie where the devils always win,
whispering vile music that settles as acidic fluid in your ears, deafening you,
flooding your eyes with poisonous scenes of obscenity and violence,
like shards of glass ripping through your eyelids.

No one saw what you saw,
even those who sat in your gentle company;
you smiled as if all was well,
your heart clenched in fists of terror,
your soul weary in its fight.

The war is over now.
You ended it when you ended your life.
You fought alone and no one will ever know…
they wept at your funeral because you were young and beautiful and untouched,
you left behind no wife, no child…

I loved you, like a hummingbird loves red does,
but I was not allowed to,
so we sufficed with distant smiles, hellos, how are yous.

I remember performing poetry for you when we first met.
I wanted to take you out of your mind,
even if just for a little while,
because I had known long before we met.

Once, we rode past the sunset debating our lives,
oblivious to traffic, because we had forever in our wake.
I didn’t think forever would end too soon.

But, You’re finally at peace,
you’ve laid your weapons down,
and left us to struggle with your absence.

I wish I could give you words,
carried to you by the north wind,
wrapped with tender love,
words that would touch you the way you’ve never been touched by a woman before,
words that would create the kind of smiles that show the gums above your teeth
and laughter as loud as thunder, the kind that makes your body shake all over.

Truth is I’ve contemplated this poem many a time,
but words only seemed to pull you down from heaven with their gravity.
You’re now in a place of wordlessness so let me hold my silence.

I’ll see you again some day and we can resume our debates,
just you and I, with no traffic, and an endless sunrise.

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