What Could’ve Been…

=== Lyrics ===

I sometimes sit staring into space,

imagining what your life would’ve been like

if you weren’t meant to leave this earth so soon.

You’d probably have married a broken soul

so that you could mend her with gold

until she looked more beautiful than before she broke.

You’d make love to her rhythmically,

moving with the gentle waves of an ocean,

shivering with light.

You always had a knack for finding love in spinning shadows,

weaving bouquets out of dried petals.

You’d have a little girl with yellow curls,

who would ask you about the oneness of the universe and God.

She would feel loved, dedicate her PhD to you,

because you would be her Iron Man.

And when your skin grows creased,

body weighed down by gravity,

you would ask her to remember you as that Iron Man,

fearless and funny.

You’d ask her to remember your lab in the basement,

where you’d create the kind of robotic technology

the world may never be ready for.

She’d come down and tinker with your latest gadget,

too heavy for her to hold or too tiny….

To her, you’ll always have all the answers,

until she asks you why you must go so soon,

it’ll always be too soon.

You’d turn your kitchen into a kingdom,

making hamburgers with lettuce as buns,

and pancakes with maple syrup and homemade peanut butter.

You’d probably keep overdosing on Wasabi sauce every time you get the flu.

Your home would always smell like fresh greens,

and laughter…but not the reckless kind.

And your calm blue eyes would always be like

a hundred researchers speaking at once,

trying to understand the why behind it all…

for it cannot be that we walk this earth in vain,

or that we shared our dreams of the kind of lives we want to lead,

only to die before their time came.

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