Tears of all things human

=== Lyrics ===

She said she feels weak when she cries

I wanted to ask her what use are skies

that withhold their own rain.


Every time they feel a rising urge to cry,

men are raised to clench fists of rage,

but what use is a howling wind

that leaves us dust blind in its wake


And for those who keep it in, keeping forever calm,

it’s only a matter of time before your body responds

saying things you refuse to in ways you wouldn’t like it to

Until your immunity lowers its guard,

after you’ve held it up too high for far too long…


We are created of seasons,

our hearts pulsating to a fall, a rebirth, fall again


Even your bedroom door will squeak after a while,

when you most need it to be your accomplice in silence

as you tip toe your way onto the balcony in the dead of night

to cry it out…


Brother, you don’t need to squeeze your limbs

into the corners of this man box,

tucking your tears away in back pockets and key locks.


Sister, you don’t need to paint your lips blood red

to hide all the black and blues;

I know you want to be strong,

but I think you’ve got it all wrong…


Cry it out, until your body shivers with every sob

The way the earth shakes to every stampede;

Cry it out until your chest shatters

into a million pieces of crystal like the inside of waterfall


And to hell with piece for tonight,

this storm will show you a new kind of calm.

Because it’s okay to break down,

you’re really breaking up, left and right,

until your tears like dew drops tickle the skin of all those around,

reminding them what it means to be alive, to hurt, grieve and smile.


See people ask me why I smile a lot;

I tell them it’s because I cry a lot.

You see my soul needs showering too,

after long hikes in these woods

when my compass points to disconnected from self

and I’ve forgotten what intuition feels like,

what God feels like.


So I cry it out, and as these asteroid tears go outward,

I come inward, into this sacred home, temple soul,

of candles burning endlessly like night light.

Rest, this storm will pass, but for tonight, cry it out.

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