About the Bard

I am…sometimes…the embodiment of laughter, crying, love, curiosity, sharing, learning, and forever expressing…even when it’s inappropriate. eek.

The idea behind this blog emerged when I realized that after performing spoken word at different events, those performances would forever be buried, largely because I  never repeat the same one twice; it’s like a phase and then you move on. A lot of my friends don’t attend any of my performances, so I wanted to create a space where I could aggregate them and share openly.

These first attempts were recorded at our hackerspace in Beirut– Lamba Labs. The people who have contributed to the making of this are hackers from the space, in particular, Raja Oueis who has spent countless hours learning programs he has never used before to find the right system for this project.

It’s still a work in progress, we’re trying to gather the right tools and equipment, especially for sound, but we’re getting there!

We hope this inspires you to express, collaborate, and share with openness and love.

P.S: All the feature pictures have been taken by myself and dear friends, selected to visually symbolize each poem. I have licensed them under creative commons.

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