International young poets interview on radio– BBC World Services, the Weekend

May 30, 2015

As part of the Talking Doorsteps project, the Roundhouse hosted spoken word poetry workshops in different countries with professional UK poets. The workshops culminated in films of poetry pieces on the theme of ‘Home’.

In the last week of May 2015, the Roundhouse brought together international poets to London during its annual ‘The Last Word’ poetry festival.

During the week-long adventures of collaborative writing, workshops, performances and filming, the BB World Service caught up with a few of the international poets for the Weekend radio show, aired on Saturday, May 30 2015.

Poets featured on the show are: Sara Sibai (Beirut), Xabiso Zanabo Vili (Johannesburg), and Adrain Van Wyk (Cape Town).

Sara Sibai & Majd Shidiac Interview about the Soapbox Society

April 18, 2015

This interview took place after the Soapbox Society’s first workshop on storytelling, poetry and spoken word performance.

The Soapbox Society uses spoken word poetry to bring out our stories, our truths, by tapping into our inner & outer worlds through workshops & performance.

Positive teacher-student relationships

Educhange Conference 2013

On developing positive teacher-student relationships.

Sara Sibai Interview on Baynetna – MTV
June 4, 2013

Sara Sibai and Omar Radwan Interview on B Beirut – LBCI
January 31, 2013

A couple of days after a poetry reading a fellow poet, Omar Radwan (check out his blog) and I had organized, we got invited for an interview on T.V. on a talk show that scans different cultural and artistic events in town.

The word ‘scans’ is very important here. They had a million questions prepared for us on very different aspects of our lives, which apparently they intended to ask and get answers for in less than 10min. Needless to say, I asked them to forget about most of those questions and to be a bit more focused.

By the way, T.V. studios are incredibly impersonal places. I couldn’t wait to get out of there 🙂 …but thankful nonetheless for the recognition, of course.


The Poetry of Creatures event on Facebook

The Poetry of Creatures blog post on Dusty Wyndow

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